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Core Cooler

Doctors & Athletes Who Endorse Core Coolers

Use a personal cooling device that has been endorsed by doctors and professional athletes. The products made by the Riverside, California-based Core Cooler Company have been studied in university laboratories and put to the test on athletic fields. Several people have endorsed the Core Cooler, including: Dr. Brendon McDermott | NFL Wide Receiver, James Shaw | Head Athletic Trainer for Bentonville Public School, Jeff McGee | Skiing Hall of Famer & World Record Holder, Scott Ellis | The National Youth Football Association.



"I've been using the Core Cooler for a few years now. With the hot humid weather here in Florida, the Core Cooler has been a great tool to help with over-heating and to increase my recovery time between sets."
- Scott Ellis, aka Rocketman

"I have recently discovered and am now using the Core Cooler. As an internal medicine physician, I see many possibilities for this product not only in sports, but in medicine.  Whether it be for heat stroke, fevers or menopause, I see this product as being an important new concept improving today’s lifestyles.  That is why everyone in my family uses them at home as well as when out in the hot sun."
- William Sogaard, M.D. Templeton, Ca.  
"I love the Core Cooler. I'm using it daily with my workouts, whether it be after a run, during riding the stationary bike, or after workouts in the sauna. Its a great tool for my workouts to keep me from overheating. I train pretty hard, so its nice to have the Core Cooler near. Can't wait to use it ring side in my first fight. Currently training to be a MMA fighter."  
- Dimitri from Torrance, Ca.    

"I'm a triathlete that has finished multiple hawaiian ironman races and wish I had the Core Cooler then. I have just recently got a Core Cooler and love to pull a bottle out of the freezer when I return from a hard run. Cools me down quickly which is nice on hot days. "
- David Ray from Newport Beach, Ca.

"Took my Core Cooler on a cruise to Puerto Virta and Cabo San Lucas. I filled up with ice before leaving the ship and the Core Cooler kept me cool while walking around window shopping. I loved having cool air to breathe when I wanted or cold water to drink. Love blowing back into the bottle to get cold air in the face. Have you thought about selling the Core Cooler to cruise ships ? Thanks Core Cooler Company for a great idea."
- Katie Davidson from Ca.

"Former CEO of National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. Song writer and singer says, " I to like use the Core Cooler after singing for long periods of time. Cools my throat. Quicker recovery time."
- Michael Greene, Malibu, Ca.

"Singer and song writer(giant Birds), loves to use the core cooler during his recordings. Helps with the swelling of the vocal cords."
- Charlie Greene, Malibu, Ca.

"It's like your own portable air-conditioner without the use of electricity. I use the Core Cooler when watching my daughter playing soccer. Keeps me cool when its hot and when the score is close."
- Mike Oates Long Bch, Ca.

"Good-Bye orange slices at half time, hello Core Cooler. As a parent, I loving knowing there is an aid out there to help my kids recover quickly when playing or practicing in hot conditions."
- Vicki Oates, Long Beach, Ca. 

"Plays for the Slammers FC. I love to use the Core Cooler when playing soccer. Gives the an extra boost during the second half when I'm hot and tired. I've taken the Core Cooler to my games in Idaho, Colorado and Arizona. Its a great product. Thanks for the samples. I love it...."
- Claire Oates, Long Beach, Ca. 

"Women's soccer. The Core Cooler is Awesome and it really works. I've incorperated the Core Cooler into my workouts and at half time to cool down, have to say its refreshing and energizing. I love it......."
- Mallory Oates, University of Hawaii-Hilo.

"I have been asthmatic since a young child. Suffering from attacks almost everyday when its hot and humid. One day I over heard someone talking about the Core Cooler and how it delivers cool air right to your lungs, cooling you down from the inside out. I immediately thought this would be great to have during an attach. Because breathing cold air opens my air way and helps me breathe easier. Lucky the person talking about the Core Cooler knew the inventor and gave me a extra bottle he had. Well the first thing I did when I got home is filed the Core Cooler with crushed ice, inserted the cap and straw and took a deep breathe. I couldn't believe how refreshing it felt. I wasn't even having an attack and I didn't want to put it down. Anyhow later that night like clock work I started having difficultly breathing. Instead of getting my inhaler I got my Core Cooler. It was amazing how fast it opened my air ways and made breathing easier. What a great alternative to having to medicate every time I have an attack."
- Dorthy from Rancho Palos Verdes Ca.