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More Than a Sports Bottle

Promote the health and wellness of your athletes by giving them a way to stay cool on hot days. The Core Cooling Company of Riverside, California, has an innovative new device that is perfect for reducing the risk of heat related illnesses and boosting the performance of athletes. Our cooling device is made of the highest-quality food grade polyethylene, is BPA free, and all parts are made in the USA. The Core Cooler has been scientifically proven to improve the well-being of anyone who works in hot environments, including athletes, landscapers, and firefighters.

How to Use Core Cooler

Maximize your performance while preventing over-heating. Our personal cooling device is easy to use. Simply fill the container with crushed ice, place the unique, patented cap and straw on top, and begin breathing cool, refreshing air. You can add mint leaves or fresh citrus peels to enhance your breathing pleasure of the cooled air. Make sure you breathe in through the mouth and out through the nose, and you will begin feeling cooler almost instantly.

Core Coolers

The Results Are In

Under the watchful eye of Dr. Brendon McDermott, the Core Cooler recently underwent extensive human performance testing at the University of Arkansas. He found that while using a Core Cooler, people in a state of continuous exercise experienced up to 46% less heat storage, up to 17% increase in performance, and a heart rate that was reduced by 17 beats per minute. He also found that our device lowered core temperature by up to 1.4 degrees and skin temperature by 7.4 degrees.

Based on clinical data, Dr. McDermott concluded that using the Core Cooler cooling device reduces the strain on the heart and cardiovascular system. By cooling the core body temperature, we are helping athletes recover faster and maintain their health for years to come. Check out our clinical evaluation!

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Heat Storage Results Performance Measures Results Skin Temperature Results Heart Rate
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